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 Coming Soon to Wondrium

Coming Soon to Wondrium

Preview our highly anticipated & upcoming Wondrium programs

Einstein’s Legacy: Modern Physics All around You

Full 12-Episode Program Available on March 25th

After the Plague

Full 24-Episode Program Available on March 25th

The Middle Ages Around the World

Full 24-Episode Program Available on April 22nd

Solving for Zero: The Search for Climate Innovation with Bill Gates

Wondrium is thrilled to launch an Educational Series inspired by Bill Gates' best-selling book "How To Avoid A Climate Disaster". Coming in April 2022

Decorate like a Designer, with Jonathan Adler

Your surroundings should be as glamorous as you are. Learn through the guidance of a cutting-edge modern designer. Coming in May 2022

Fundamentals of Home Maintenance: From Repairs to Renovations

From routine upkeep to renovations, learn the basics of home construction to keep your house in order.

How to Play Violin

Coming Soon to Wondrium

Electrical Engineering for Everyone

Coming Soon to Wondrium